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List Providers

List Brokers are an extension of your marketing department. Choosing a list broker can be difficult: There are dozens of companies to choose from, and you need to evaluate multiple factors, including price, range of business lists, quality of the lists and customer service.

We want to help you choose the list brokers that’s the best fit for your business.

Your business type and direct marketing needs will determine which list broker provider is right for you. Some things to consider are budget, how you want to reach out to prospective clients (mail, telemarketing, email) and who you want to reach.

This directory can help you find the right list brokers to help turn your marketing vision into reality.These list brokers have been thoroughly evaluated to help you make a more informed business list purchasing decision.

Prospects Influential

Prospects Influential List Brokers has everything you need for your next direct marketing campaign. Over the years, our list brokers have provided thousands of direct marketing lists to large corporations, non-profit organizations and small businesses located within the US, Canada and worldwide.


Attracting new customers to your business is important, but you need to make sure that your direct campaigns are compliant with the federal laws governing each marketing method. Below you will find an overview of the key regulations related to direct marketing. These regulations were set up to protect consumers and business from receiving unsolicited mails, telephone calls and emails. There can be severe penalties if your direct marketing campaign doesn’t adhere to them.

Tri-Media Marketing Services, Inc.

Tri-Media has been connecting Church Leaders & Christian Homeschool families with resources for over 25 years.

True North List Marketing

In 1997, True North List Marketing was established by a group of experienced direct marketers. Our client-focused, results-oriented reputation was built one client at a time. We approach every client's unique business goals with energy, creativity and the agility of a boutique agency.

US Farm Data

As an Ag marketing company, we help businesses find new customers in the ag and rural areas throughout the US. Insurance & financial, automotive, telecommunications, education, and of course, agricultural, are just a few of the verticals that come to us for help in their marketing

V12 Data

V12’s new breed of marketing blends data, technology and analytics to drive accelerated results.

West Lists

We have been developing DM programs from all angles. We understand that we need to deliver value for your marketing dollars. Our primary goal is to develop a strong understanding of your budget, audience, business and sales cycle. All these factors will enhance our ability to deliver a successful program to meet and exceed your expectations. 

World Innovators, Inc.

Whether you are looking for one very targeted list or you want a customized Marketing campaign, World Innovators can implement a strategic plan of the right sources and channels to reach your marketing goals.


At Worldata, we focus on how well a marketing program performs. Does it get results? Does it generate sales? Are you getting the best return on your investment? If the answer to any of these questions is “no,” then the program is not going to help advance 

WS Ponton

There are many data providers out there who settle for average. At WS Ponton, we take pride in consistently beating industry averages, both through our exclusive, validated data offerings and our top-notch, personalized service.

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