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List Providers

List Brokers are an extension of your marketing department. Choosing a list broker can be difficult: There are dozens of companies to choose from, and you need to evaluate multiple factors, including price, range of business lists, quality of the lists and customer service.

We want to help you choose the list brokers that’s the best fit for your business.

Your business type and direct marketing needs will determine which list broker provider is right for you. Some things to consider are budget, how you want to reach out to prospective clients (mail, telemarketing, email) and who you want to reach.

This directory can help you find the right list brokers to help turn your marketing vision into reality.These list brokers have been thoroughly evaluated to help you make a more informed business list purchasing decision.

Altair Customer Intelligence

You want to find new customers, retain your profitable ones and grow your business.  And you want measurable results. At Altair, we work with our clients to develop marketing campaigns through better use of data, analytics and reporting that produce more leads, more responses, more customers, and more business.

American Name Services

ANS started as a family business in 1995, selling quality lists from the kitchen counter. Over 20 years later, the kitchen has long since been replaced by the company’s Utah office. Providing quality prospects continues to be what ANS does best, no matter the location.


Our sales leads and mailing list solutions allow you to target and connect with the most responsive direct marketing prospects. Create a fully customized prospecting database specifically for your business – reach businesses and consumers in your marketing area.


For 45+ years, privately held ANCHOR COMPUTER has been serving the Direct Response Industry. As a leading provider of complete custom tailored integrated omni-channel data solutions, Anchor can help you maximize the potential of your data, turning accumulated consumer information into profitable customer engagement strategies.

ASL Marketing

For over 40 years, ASL Marketing has been the nation’s premier provider of student marketing data, focused on the highly desirable 13-34 year old market. We started as a data list compiler back in 1972, offering postal mailing lists to our clients. Today, ASL Marketing continues to offer postal data as well as email, digital, social and mobile data to our clients across all industries.

Atlantic List Company, Inc.

Experience matters. Since 1976, Atlantic brokers and managers have worked with a comprehensive range of non-profit organizations and fundraisers, museums, memorials, publications, catalogs, agencies, and consultants – names, places, and products you recognize.


For any business, finding new customers is the key to growth.  But with limited time and resources, efficiency is a must.  So how can you find the right customers for your business in the least amount of time?

bb direct

Not only do we offer data that is updated monthly, we make it seemless for our clients to build highly targeted lists – so that they can pinpoint the perfect prospective customers for your business.

Beach List Direct, Inc.

Since 1994 Beach List Direct, Inc. has provided direct response mailing lists to marketing professionals spanning a broad range of industries.

Bethesda List Center

To begin with, Bethesda List Center meets the mailing list needs of all types of businesses. Incidentally, publishers, associations, seminar providers, catalogers, as well as computer software and hardware companies are some of the major industries that we serve. Here’s a little bit about what we do and also who we are: